About This Site

At the request of many, a group of men and women decided to donate a professional set of websites to help everyone in America who wanted to elevate their status from a US Citizen to an American State National.

Over the past few years, tens of thousands of patriotic people have voiced their concerns about the lack of cohesiveness within the movement to establish the Republic.

Some of the most common concerns heard are:

  • No professional web presence
  • Existing websites are old, outdated, crammed with disorganized information
  • Some people are trying to make a name for themselves instead of helping the cause
  • Some of the organizations that were trying to “assemble” had yet another cabal-like hierarchy with “someone at the top”
  • Coordinators weren’t getting back to those who had inquiries or paperwork to handle
  • People were taking money without fulfilling their agreements

This site corrects all of that and puts a free resource in the hands of the people so they can self-govern just as it was always intended.

What you can utilize at this site:

*Optionally*, if people want faster results, they can use fee-based items on the site:

And, for all those who spend their time and energy trying to help others, they can earn an affiliate commission without any additional effort on their part if anyone uses the optional paid services. 

The goal is to help others by empowering them with knowledge and tools to set them free from the tyrannical system that was started thousands of years ago.

And to help those who are expending resources by adding additional revenue to their bottom line.

Again, all the free resources are here for anyone who wants to use them. The paid options are just optional ways to get things done so we can bring this movement to the finish line.

No American Left Behind…

Get Involved

State Nationals have no obligation to the government beyond keeping the peace – that is, not harming other people or their property — OR — they can stand as an American State Citizen and help run their State Government.

  • Become a qualified juror and elector
  • Become A Recording Secretary
  • Volunteer for an Office in Public Service

State Recording Secretaries work with Americans to record and publish official paperwork.

Providing solutions for people – assisting you when securing your property, rights, and labor.

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If YES, this site is yours to use as a support system for your state.

You can lean on this website (at no cost to you) to send critical information to those in your state.

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  • writing blog posts for your state
  • adding preferred partners for your state
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