4 Main Pillars Of The American State Assemblies

What is an Assembly?

An Assembly is a gathering of people united to self govern within their community in accordance with America’s original values.

Each State Assembly consists of a Body Politic composed of all declared State Nationals and State Citizens living within the boundaries of the state.

County Assemblies are within the boundaries of the county.

Assemblies are the founding framework of our nation.

Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you.

You are the government!

We are exercising our Natural and unalienable rights to peacefully assemble. You must claim your right if you want to have it. Assembly decisions are supposed to be made by you. It’s primary responsibility is to protect you and your property assets at all costs and against all comers. That’s why governments exist. 

The American States Assembly is setting basic framework and benchmarks to ensure that the State Assemblies are correctly populated and that the Assembly Members are protected.  They are ensuring that all the Assemblies associated with them have secure standing to operate as valid State Assemblies. The State Assemblies engage in the lawful and original jurisdiction to secure the rights of Americans.